The distribution industry remains an important sector in the U.S. economy, with a vast majority of the nation’s distributors being family-run businesses with fewer than 500 employees. The dynamics of the industry are changing rapidly due to many factors including: reduced fill rate times, warehouse technology, “build where you sell” mandates, outsourcing and globalization. With so much change, you need a dedicated advisory team to provide you with sound professional “value added” advice. Our team is focused on financial, operational, and supply chain issues facing the industry. We are confident that our professionals will exceed your expectations. Our firm represents more than 200 distribution-related suppliers nationally.

Some of the industry sub-segments we serve include:

    • Capital goods 
    • Pharmaceutical 
    • Durable consumer goods 
    • Raw materials 
    • Supplies used in production 
    • Goods for resale

Challenges facing the industry:

    • Warehousing automation
    • Location & logistics
    • Cost control & pricing
    • Globalization
    • Direct ship bypassing distribution channel
    • Outsourcing

Strategies for success:


Financial strength–Focus on liquidity and strengthening of the balance sheet. Implementation of flexible budget reporting.

    • Operational improvement–Improving efficiencies throughout the distribution process with daily, weekly and monthly operating metrics.
    • Strategic aquisitions to accelerate growth. 
Please contact us to learn more about how your company can benefit from these strategies and more.