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On Thanksgiving morning as many of us prepared turkey and green bean casserole, 11 Distinguished Clowns represented UHY LLP in the 92nd Annual America's Thanksgiving Parade! This was the firm's fifth year sponsoring the Distinguished Clown Corps and participating in one of the most storied and important civic events for the city of Detroit. Dozens of UHY employees and their families lined the streets and grandstands down Woodward Avenue as floats, balloons, marching bands, celebrities, athletes and even Santa Clause made their way down the Parade route. Marlene Beach, Beth D'Anna, Rina Henning, Matt Munn, Todd Bensley and son Justin, Harold Burns, Tom Callan and family, Bill Kingsley, Amy Pecha, Debi Ritter and husband Rob, Rick David and his daughter Danielle, were designated clowns this year, with a potential Parade viewing audience of nearly 65 million! Click here to check out the Distinguished Clown Corps.