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The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) has finally selected Bridging North America (BNA) to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the second Detroit-Windsor Bridge named after Detroit Red Wing Legend, Gordie Howe. The procurement process began in July 2015 and was announced in September 2018. The construction of the bridge has been valued at a fixed-priced contract value of $5.7 billion and will take approximately 74 months to complete, with an anticipated service date at the end of 2024. BNA will receive monthly payments for operations and maintenance over the 30-year concession (operating) period. The construction of the bridge has been broken down into four components which include the bridge, the Canadian port of entry, the US port of entry and the Michigan Interchange.

As a result of the successful bid, Bridging North America has started meeting with local companies, organizations and unions to speak about partnership opportunities. The project is expected to create 2,500 direct, on-site jobs that include direct hirings and sub-contracting, and add overall economic benefits to the whole region. This has pushed the BNA to reach out to educational institutions to help develop the need of skilled trade workers. The Gordie Howe International Bridge project is a monumental undertaking which will result in creating the largest cable-stayed bridge in North America. It will also become Canada’s largest port along the Canada-US border and one of the largest in North America.

Once constructed, the WDBA realizes the bridge will take on the role as a new gateway symbol for Canada and the US. To ensure that the bridge is meeting the needs of commercial users, the WDBA is integrating truck only lanes, driver friendly lighting, safety designs for truck breakdowns and onsite weather monitoring stations. Additionally, the bridge will include a dedicated multi-use path that will accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.