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With the 2018 tax deadline rapidly approaching, taxpayers will face fraudulent attempts by scam artists using the April 15 deadline as a way to gain financial and personal information. These attempts are made through a wide range of elaborate schemes via a number of tactics - especially phone scams. 

Individuals will receive a call from an individual posing as an IRS agent making claims that you are liable for an outstanding tax debt. When this tactic is used the scammer will tamper with the caller ID to make it look like an IRS number and be very threatening, telling the individual that if the debt is not paid the individual will be arrested and face monetary penalties and criminal charges. 

To protect yourself from phone scams, keep in mind that the IRS will not call individuals demanding immediate payment or action without mailing you a bill or notice first, payment information will never be requested over the phone, and local law enforcement is never used as an immediate threat of action. If a call is received it is best to hang up immediately and alert the IRS.