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A new twist on an old scam is once again making its rounds, putting individuals on edge for fear of their Social Security number being suspended due to suspicious activity or a crime that was committed. There have been a few variations of the scam reported but the purpose is the same. Scammers are attempting to get you to confirm your SSN (even just the last 4 digits) or pay a sum of money via gift card or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Over 70,000 complaints have been filed over the last year resulting in $19 million in losses. 


The impostors have been using accurate personal information of callers and even mirroring the Social Security Administration’s actual phone number to make their calls seem more legitimate. Here are some important things to remember to avoid falling victim:

·     Your Social Security number will never be suspended.

·     The Social Security office will never call you to demand money.

·     DO NOT give out your Social Security number or other personal information over the phone.

·     Call the real Social Security Administration at 1 800 772 1213 to verify a call you’ve received even if the number appears to come from that number.

·     Report these claims to the FTC