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All sales tax and use tax filers must file the annual return, Form 5081, for each year even if no tax is due. For taxpayers who submit monthly or quarterly returns, Form 5081 balances the tax due for the year with the monthly or quarterly payments made during the year.

If a taxpayer inserts a "zero" on any line on a form (or leaves blank) for reporting Sales Tax, Use Tax, or Withholding Tax, the taxpayer is certifying that no tax is owed for that tax type. If it is determined that tax is owed, the taxpayer will be liable for the deficiency as well as penalty and interest.

If the due date of the return falls on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the return is due on the next business day immediately following the weekend or holiday.

To amend Form 5081, use Form 5082.

The return can be filed online but if you experience difficulty processing it, please contact your local UHY LLP professional.