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Michigan is again offering reimbursement for specified costs related to training new and current employees. The Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) is used for short term training (3 months or less, unless an apprenticeship). This applies to ALL employers with a presence in Michigan; it is not industry specific. The employer must be in compliance with all federal and state tax obligations and willing to participate with the program's guidelines. The maximum reimbursable cost of training is $1,500 per trainee (with the exception of apprentices) which is up to $3,000 per trainee. Applications will be accepted until Friday, Oct. 14, 2016. The application process is assisted by working with Michigan Works - they will file the application. The funding awards are based on factoring weighted criteria taken from the application. In 2016, $15M was awarded.

Most businesses, both profit and nonprofit are eligible for the training costs. There are certain eligibility training requirements, training guidelines and items that do not qualify for the "eligible training". Contact your professional at UHY LLP in Detroit 313 964 1040, Farmington Hills 248 355 1040 or Sterling Heights 586 254 1040 to discuss these items in detail.