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The Better Business Bureau has learned that scammers are now targeting small business owners with phishing emails using QuickBooks software as bait. Emails are being sent with the subject line "QuickBooks Support: Change Request". The message is "confirming" that the business name was changed with Intuit, QuickBooks' manufacturer, even though no such request was made. The email contains a link to cancel the name change request. The link will download malware onto the user's device to obtain passwords or sensitive information, which could lead to identity theft. Similar scams are also utilizing personal tax software or banks as bait. Here are some helpful ways to identify phishing emails:

  • Check the reply email address; the address should have a company domain
  • Check the destination of the link; hovering over a link without clicking on it will show the web address of where you will be directed
  • Consider how the company normally contacts you; be suspicious if they usually reach you through mail and you receive an email
  • Be cautious of generic emails; scammers will include little information to capture a larger group
  • Don't believe what you see; scammer can easily copy logos to make emails look legitimate
  • Have a process in the office; educate employees on how to identify and handle suspicious emails
UHY Advisors can help assess your risk and develop the training and awareness program you need to avoid falling victim these scams. Contact your local UHY LLP professional.

By Amrit Dhillon, CPA