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UHY Advisors shared how to implement effective change management through a culture of continuous improvement on its Atlanta Business Radio show  April 21st at 10 a.m. EST. UHY’s Managing Directors Frank Fenello and Cindy Hannafey hosted as part of UHY’s monthly radio program series, Cause & Affect. Listeners learned how to successfully manage through change and sustain the resulting increased efficiencies and productivity. 

Click here to listen to UHY’s Cause & Affect Show, hosted by Frank Fenello and Cindy Hannafey

Fenello and Hannafey addressed how to drive innovation and set up a business for successful continuous improvement. Topics covered during the episode included:
  • Creating ongoing efficiencies and productivity within your Shared Services center
  • Building a continuous improvement culture
  • The importance of measuring, empowering, publishing, communicating and celebrating
  • Instilling employee passion and ownership from the beginning to sustain change
  • Developing a clear accountability structure
  • Changing the team mindset from “we have always done it this way” to a more impactful and meaningful “I do this because…”
“Successful change management is an area where many companies fall short, but unfortunately they need it the most,” said Fenello. “We recently presented on this very topic at SSON’s Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, and heard stories about leadership’s difficulties implementing a change management foundation and employees struggling with adapting to change. Change management is a real pain point for businesses of all sizes, but there are real solutions to effectively manage through it.”

UHY’s proprietary Optimal Performance Management System™ is an accountability structure comprised of a set of informational and behavioral routines that enable businesses to quickly recognize and execute effective corrective actions when actual conditions fall short. The system incorporates five key steps: (1) measure, (2) empower, (3) publish, (4) communicate, and (5) celebrate. All five steps were addressed during the radio program so listeners can apply them to their own organizations.  

As Managing Director of the firm in the Southeast, Fenello leads his team in the Management & Technology Consulting practice, which includes finance transformation, accounting automation, sales and operations optimization, digital transformation, post-merger integration, internal audit and cyber security. 

As a leader in UHY’s Management & Technology Consulting practice, Hannafey brings more than 20 years of expertise in strategic planning and visioning, portfolio, program and project management (P3M), digital transformation, shared service implementation and optimization, post-merger integration, and operational and financial process optimization services.

Cause & Affect is UHY Advisors’ monthly radio program highlighting some of the difficult challenges companies are facing and offers insights on how to overcome them. Each monthly show addresses a different pain point and uses real-world examples of how UHY mitigated those pain points for clients, enabling listeners to apply those same principles and practices to their own work. Click here to listen to past Cause & Affect radio episodes, and to listen to the April 21st broadcast on implementing effective change management through a culture of continuous improvement. 

For more information, please contact Cindy Hannafey at (678) 602-4411.