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In recent months, police in Michigan have reported an increasing number of incidents of this fraud. In most cases, the fraud is only discovered if your employee attempts to file an unemployment claim and learns that a claim has already been filed; an employee receives a statement of benefits from the insurance company, or an employee's federal or state income taxes are intercepted. Here are a few tips for you and your employees to avoid becoming victims: 

  • Monitor your accounts closely 
  • Review credit reports
  • Do not carry social security cards, and only provide them when absolutely necessary
  • Do not respond to unsolicited requests for personal information by phone, mail or online
  • Shred receipts, account statements and expired credit cards

If you or your employee receives a Form 1575C Monetary Determination when you have not applied for unemployment or the name is incorrect, you may be a victim of this scam. If you suspect you are a victim, contact the UIA immediately. Victims can report identity fraud online at through the report fraud link or call the UIA fraud hotline at 855 UI CRIME.