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UHY Advisors shared its expertise on building and maintaining a strong work environment for a multi-generational workforce on its most recent Atlanta Business Radio show. Listeners learned how to foster a healthy workplace culture from both the employer and employee perspective.

UHY’s Managing Director Frank Fenello, Manager Cheerag Jani, Consultant Kevin Sharpton, Consultant Chad Creasman and Manager June Choi led the discussion as part of UHY’s monthly radio program series, Cause & Affect

During the episode, the UHY team covered:

  • What makes a strong work environment today, inclusive of all generations
  • What attracts different generations to apply to certain jobs
  • What keeps employees interested and happy in the workplace
  • How technology can be used to improve company culture
  • What inspires loyalty from both the employer and employee
  • How companies can balance listening to employees and maintaining rules that work for the majority
  • What action companies should take when an employee struggles in the current environment
  • What companies can do to ensure they capture and maintain a pulse on workplace satisfaction
  • What employers can do to improve workplace culture

“Given the skills gap we are all facing today, attracting and retaining top talent is absolutely critical to company success,” said Fenello. “This means a healthy workplace culture must be on a company’s list of top priorities. Listening to employees and understanding what’s important to them is a fundamental first step, and these will be different if you’re a Millennial, Gen Xer or Baby Boomer.”

He added, “We uncovered that health and wellness were important to all our employees, regardless of generation, age or stage in life. We enhanced our wellness program by forming a wellness committee. Our programs have added to our office culture through competition and team building. When we recently went through a period of rapid growth, we realized the office had outgrown the training process, which had the potential to start negatively impacting our culture. Employees and leadership worked together to modify the program. Today, our training is timely, relevant and effectively delivered so new employees feel supported and prepared. There are always steps – both big and small – that companies can take to improve their workplace culture.”

Cause & Affect is UHY Advisors’ monthly radio program highlighting some of the difficult challenges companies are facing and offers insights on how to overcome them. Each monthly show addresses a different pain point and uses real-world examples of how UHY mitigated those pain points, enabling listeners to apply those same principles and practices to their own work. Click here to listen to past Cause & Affect radio episodes and to listen to the current episode.