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UHY Advisors, a leading global financial, tax and business consulting firm, will showcase its Shared Services and Digital Transformation capabilities at the 22nd Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week (SSOW) conference in Orlando, March 19-22, 2018. The firm will offer a focused workshop on Digital Transformation.

“The key to Digital Transformation is positive disruption,” said Frank Fenello, Managing Director for UHY Advisors. “Change is inevitable, and with change comes disruption. A Shared Service Center can only benefit from planning for disruption in a way that is positive for people, processes and technologies. Disrupting with a purpose can create a sustainable change that is fundamental to a company’s operations.”

UHY’s SSOW Digital Transformation Workshop

Come join UHY Advisors on Tuesday, March 20th at 10:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. for “The How-To-Guide to Digital Transformation: Disruption with a Purpose.” Presenters: Cindy Hannafey, Managing Director, and Chris Bean, Senior Manager, UHY Advisors.

Session description: When it comes to making operational improvements, tradition suggests to “throw technology at it and things will get better.” Digital Transformation is more than just technology. It is the essential, intentional and deliberate disruption of people, processes and technologies to enable alignment with a company’s strategic vision. It is the act of intentionally and positively disrupting the status quo to yield greater results.

“Our workshop will help Shared Service Center leaders position themselves for change through purpose-driven disruption,” said Cindy Hannafey, Managing Director for UHY Advisors. “When you learn to be intentional and deliberate with disruption, you can condition your organization for positive and successful change. We will show you how Digital Transformation is more than technology; it’s a balance between people, processes, and technologies. Our workshop will give you a strong foundation so you can know where your disruption will have the biggest impact.”

UHY Advisors is a leading global professional services and accounting firm. The firm helps companies – ranging from mid-sized to the Fortune 500 – transform financial and operational functions with a full suite of services through its management and technology consulting practice: accounting automation; digital transformation; portfolio, program, and project management (P3M); resource solutions; internal audit, risk and compliance; cybersecurity; and business process optimization solutions.

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