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SPI Research annually conducts in-depth analyses of the top five percent of PS Maturity™ benchmark participants to uncover the reasons for their superlative performance. Top performers tend to be more specialized than average firms. They concentrate on high-growth segments (Cloud, Security, BI, AI, engineering, IT and management consulting) where they are often the market leader. Because of their sterling reputations, a significant portion of their business comes through referrals. 

SPI Research, a leading independent technology services research firm, named UHY Advisors’ Management & Technology Consulting practice as one of the 2018 Best-of-the-Best professional services organizations (PSO)! SPI’s extensive annual survey, the PS Maturity™ Benchmark, revealed UHY Advisors as a top performer that grew in both revenues and new jobs at more than twice the rate of average firms. The Best-of-the-Best augmented their consulting workforces by 19.8% compared to 8.7% headcount growth for average firms. 

This past year, the top 20 firms out of 456 organizations who participated in the survey, outperformed their peers and the benchmark average with not only significantly higher profits, but also more projects delivered on-time and many more satisfied clients. 

The Best-of-the-Best excel across five critical service performance dimensions: leadership, client relationships, human capital alignment, service execution, and finance and operations. The Best-of-the-Best recognition is significant because it measures PSOs not only on bottom line financial results such as profit margins but also on a breadth of leadership metrics to reveal exceptional, holistic performance.