Financial Analysis

At the heart of any anti-corruption investigation, one should find experienced financial analysts and investigators trained in the art of forensic processes. It is here where UHY Advisors Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Services can add substantial value to your case. In addition to our recent case experience, our financial analysts and investigators have worked on some of the country’s most significant corporate fraud cases. It is through targeted training and on-the-job experience that they've learned to apply the disciplines, processes, and tools that are critical to the implementation and execution of a successful investigation.

No matter the impetus, whether governmental agencies or internal forces trigger the need for an independent financial review to find evidence of fraud under the provisions of the FCPA, the insight and depth of experience that our skilled professionals, Certified Fraud Examiners, and Certified Forensic Accountants bring to each engagement is invaluable.

In our experience, the scope of services used on a financial investigation regarding transactions and relationships that run afoul of anti-corruption legislation typically includes:

  • Detecting weaknesses in the control environment
  • Determining the methods used by insiders to exploit control weaknesses
  • Uncovering the true nature of “value” provided to customers to gain their business
  • Isolating and testing questionable transactions
  • Identifying the financial reporting approaches used to mischaracterize illegal payments
  • Understanding the relationships and transactional flow of the entity’s revenue generation cycle
  • Providing expert testimony and interfacing with the company’s outside auditors