In today’s technology-driven world, IT plays a significant role in contributing towards the success or failure of a company’s ability to achieve its business objectives. Businesses rely heavily on strategic IT capabilities and commodity services, such as email and network access. If IT’s focus, spend, activities and plans are not aligned with the business needs, then overall business performance can be significantly impacted.

Firms with superior IT governance have more than 25% higher profits than firms with poor governance given the same strategic objectives. These top performers have custom-designed IT governance for their strategies. Just as corporate governance aims to ensure quality decisions about all corporate assets, IT governance links IT decisions with company objectives and monitors performance and accountability. UHY Advisors’ IT Governance services helps you to design and implement an organization and supporting system of decision rights that will transform IT from an expense to a profitable investment.

To accomplish these goals, UHY Advisors’ deeply skilled management consultants leverage best practices and custom methodologies that have been refined over many years of practice, and open frameworks such as ISO/IEC 38500:2008. Corporate governance of information technology, Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT), and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) . We work with our clients to design and implement the custom IT governance solution that will help your company maximize the opportunity to realize the greatest benefits.