Finance Transformation

Accounting and finance organizations often spend too much time and effort on non-value added activities (i.e. manual activities, duplicated efforts, rework, etc.), which many people believe can be fixed with “the right” technology. Unfortunately, technology alone is not transformation. It is only one piece of Finance Transformation.

Through a combination of People, Processes and Technology, we offer a flexible and integrated approach built on a solid transformation framework. Our Finance Transformation services deliver improvements to business performance by refining operational effectiveness and efficiency.

From rework to over-processing to untapped employee potential or any other type of non-value added activity, each Finance Transformation is unique and addresses its own set of challenges. UHY Advisors can help you overcome these challenges and transform your finance and accounting organizations. Our proprietary tools and methodologies (Enterprise Optimization, Accounting Automation, etc.) enable you to improve and transform entire groups or departments.