Case studies

Case Study: Fixed asset depreciation for 102 locations

Client Need:
Our client, a publicly traded retail company, asked us to perfect its system of tracking fixed asset depreciation.  They needed one system to track all of the required methods for book, tax, regulatory and state tax purposes. 

UHY Advisors' Solution: Using a popular fixed asset software management program, our team was able to track the company's assets in all 102 locations across the U.S.  Throughout the process, we utilized a dedicated portal through which the individual controllers at each location accessed their detail depreciation schedules in order to post the depreciation to their individual general ledgers.  The corporate headquarters also accessed the schedules on an entity-to-entity basis in order to prepare the consolidated tax returns, financial statements, and deferred tax calculations.  We are now in our second year of this client engagement.

Case Study:  E&P balancing gas accounts

Client Need: Our client, a major independent oil and gas exploration and production company, had outsourced its operational accounting to a large accounting outsourcing and computer consulting company, but soon discovered a major problem with the gas balancing accounts on its financial statement.  They requested our help in reconciling their records.

UHY Advisors' Solution: We acted quickly and assembled a team of six experienced professionals to reconcile their gas balancing records to the detail well production records. The client was under pressure to have the project completed within a six-month period. We delivered three months ahead of schedule and within their target budget.