Intellectual Property

UHY Advisors FLVS has worked with leading law firms representing clients ranging from Fortune 500 clients to smaller public and private companies. We aid clients and their counsel in patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret disputes in areas such as:

  • Financial analysis to identify economic damages, including early case assessment
  • Identification of issues related to the analysis of financial, economic and technical information
  • Investigation of Alleged Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Expert Reports
  • Expert Testimony in Deposition & at Trial
  • Evaluation of Opposing Experts’ Analyses, Reports & Testimony

Our professionals’ expertise is built upon a foundation of advanced degrees and certifications related to accounting, finance, and economics and experience both inside and outside the court house. We apply our extensive experience in a wide range of industries and our deep understanding of intellectual property economics, to assist clients with our full range of IP services which include:

  • Assessment of Licensing Terms
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Independent Valuation of Venture Capital, Private Equity & Institutions
  • Quantifying Lost Profits
  • Determining Reasonable Royalties
  • Estimating Price Erosion Claims
  • Valuing IP for Transactions & Financial Reporting
  • Consulting on Appropriate Royalty Rates
  • Providing Royalty Compliance Investigations