Wealth Planning

Our tax professionals provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure the accumulation, preservation and transfer of wealth. Our team offers a variety of sophisticated services delivered in a proactive, hands-on approach of our most senior professionals:

  • Retirement Planning – Creating a framework for wealth accumulation as part of retirement planning, and the follow-through to ensure that plans stay on track.
  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer – In collaboration with you and your team of attorneys and investment managers, we can create the legal and financial structure best suited to facilitate wealth accumulation and transfer to subsequent generations. We can also help you make decisions about distributions and accumulations that support your family’s long-term goals and need for income in the future. View our Estate Planning Guide.
  • Lifetime Gift and Charitable Planning – Assistance with your charitable and philanthropic planning in a manner that achieves your goals in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Asset Protection – Consultation in structuring your holdings in a manner to increase their stability from lawsuits and market shifts.
  • Family Governance – Good governance conveys a sense of purpose to family mem- bers and assures that when decisions need to be made, the appropriate people come together to make them. Our experienced team can facilitate and direct this process.
  • Investment Due Diligence – Seasoned, professional advice in evaluating business opportunities.