Transaction Tax

Our Transaction Tax team focuses on providing advisory and consulting services to assist in the proper collection and remittance of tax to minimize exposure and payment of the tax legally due. Our services include a full complement of transaction tax areas, including:

  • Compliance – Prepare, review and submit state sales and use tax returns based on client provided data so that returns are filed and paid on time, decreasing their workload
  • Controversy Representation – Represent clients with state and local tax authorities to resolve issues quickly and efficiently so that they pay only their fair share of tax
  • Recovery of Tax Overpayments from State Tax Authorities and/or Vendors – Review client records to determine if overpayments exist due to law changes, taxability determination errors, and tax department position changes in applying taxes to transactions
  • Research Services – Research unique client product or service offerings or purchases to determine taxability. Conclusions are generally summarized in a taxability matrix, including a written analysis of the pertinent tax statutes, regulations and case law.
  • Voluntary Disclosure and Amnesty Agreements – Negotiate vol¬untary disclosure or amnesty agreements for unintentionally over¬looked transaction taxes, generally limiting the look-back period and often penalties are waived
  • Nexus Studies – Obtain an understanding of client activities in non-filing states to determine if a filing requirement exists and assist in quantifying any exposure
  • Tax Process Analysis – Review client transaction tax processes with an eye toward making the processes run efficiently and accurately. Opportunities to use alternate methods of calculating taxes due offered by the states may be presented. 
  • Audit defense – Work on your behalf with taxing authorities
  • Conduct in-house training – Develop and present information to those in your organization responsible for determining taxability of purchases on oinvices to minimize overpayment and underpayment of taxes