Professional Employer Organizations

Today’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry is growing at a rapid pace and needs to have a team of financial services professionals that responds quickly to change. The average PEO has outgrown the typical accountant and developed a need for a professional services firm with a deep industry focus. With change, managing risk and realizing tax savings opportunities become a more important focus as PEOs decide how they will adapt and evolve their business models for long-term survival. Regulatory issues require professional knowledge that integrates financial and business expertise to keep your business risk at a minimum.

We recognize that PEOs require their financial advisors to add value by understanding their business and ever-changing regulations that surround their industry. As leaders in the PEO industry, we are quick to identify and address new trends, accounting requirements and regulations to ensure our clients’ future success.

Our firm has been actively involved in National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) for several years. As board members of NAPEO’s Accounting Practice Committee and Midwest Leadership Council and Finance Committee, our team of professionals has significant experience serving PEO clients. As experts in our field, we are regularly called upon to speak at conferences, generate articles, and advise on key issues surrounding the PEO industry.

We are also a strong proponent of the PEO industry's accreditation and financial assurance services provided through the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC). Our professionals work with ESAC in support of the program's PEO accreditation services, including serving as Professional Advisory Directors on ESAC's board and assisting PEOs with making any financial and/or operational improvements needed to achieve the industry's gold standard. Our firm is proud to also support the PEO industry through its participation as a Legacy Partner in the Service Provider Partner Program of the Alliance for PEO Electronic Compliance (APEC). This organization serves as an alliance between the PEO industry and regulatory agencies to promote efficient and effective PEO regulatory compliance in support of the industry's strategic growth initiative.