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On May 18, the Supreme Court ruled that Maryland violated the Constitution by collecting local taxes from its residents on out-of-state income without granting a credit for taxes paid to those states. Justices said that the tax violated the Interstate Commerce Clause and concluded that Maryland's tax scheme "operates as a tariff" and the tax exposes some residents to double taxation. The decision confirms that a state's income tax laws cannot unfairly discriminate against interstate commerce.

The decision in Comptroller of the Treasury of Maryland v. Wynne will cause the state's counties to owe an estimated $200 million in retrospective tax refunds and interest to taxpayers in the state and could reduce the state's tax collections by approximately $42 million annually. The impact of the ruling on localities in other states is still unclear but more than a dozen other states have localities, including Detroit, that also levy local income taxes for income earned out-of-state.

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