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Interns and staff accountants from UHY LLP’s Michigan practice stepped away from the office for a day during busy season and visited students from Burton International Academy in Detroit to learn about the art history of Mexico and tap into the students’ creative minds. UHY teamed up with Beyond Basics, a local 501c(3) nonprofit organization working to improve literacy and raise reading proficiency in inner city schools, to help fifth and sixth grade students apply concepts from a presentation on Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera to their own art creations.

Nearly 30 college recruits and other UHY employees paired up with students and started their morning off by watching a presentation on Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera to help them conceptualize inspiration for their own art projects.

“We have been working with Beyond Basics for the past five years, pairing our interns and college recruits with students from Detroit Public Schools. The objective of this program is to not only build relationships with students and express creativity through art but to also give our interns and recruits an understanding of UHY’s commitment to giving back to the community and experiencing a volunteer outing first hand," said Rina Henning, UHY LLP recruiting manager.

UHY LLP places great emphasis on being active within the community from each recruits’ first connection with the firm because corporate social responsibility is a high priority at all levels within the company. The firm also has its own independent nonprofit 501c(3) organization, UHY Cares. Cares was an idea inspired by employees and is volunteer based. Through UHY Cares, employees are able to give back to the community, including helping individuals going through personal emergencies or hardships. UHY Cares Michigan has provided assistance to over 150 local charities and families and continues to grow this list every year.

Beyond basics has been active in the Detroit community since 1999.Their mission is to guide and support children in economic need to develop fundamental educational skills. They aim to move these children beyond the basics and prepare them for productive and meaningful lives. The work the organization does, shaping the minds of grade school children, is especially important because according to the National Institute for Literacy nearly 50% of adults in Detroit are considered functionally illiterate.