Today’s staffing organization is growing at a rapid pace and needs to have a team of financial services professionals that responds quickly to change. The average staffing company has outgrown the typical accountant and developed the need for a CPA firm with a deep industry focus. With change, managing risk and realizing tax savings opportunities become a more important focus as staffing organizations decide how they will adapt and evolve their business models for long-term survival. Regulatory issues require skill set that integrates financial and business expertise to keep your business risk at a minimum.

Having a knowledgeable team who understands the competitive forces shaping your industry is critical to managing a successful business. As leaders in the industry, we are quick to identify and address new trends, accounting requirements and regulations to ensure our clients’ future success. Our firm’s National Staffing Practice has the skill set to anticipate and respond to the needs of your business by providing solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

We often hear from companies that they are not being properly or effectively served by their current accounting firm. This is why we have made a strong commitment to ensure that quality is built into every engagement. We have been successful in meeting and exceeding client expectations, including the transition from their previous advisors.